What is Anxiety- know about it!!

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Mental health issues are becoming more and more prominent and while panic attacks and anxiety are not seen to be totally linked with mental health, there are some connections that cannot be overlooked. If anyone was to ask you what is anxiety, do you think that you would be in a good position to answer? For everyone who suffers from it, it will be something different and while some cases will be very mild, there are some that will be fierce and all are bound to be embarrassing and something that the sufferer is fully aware of.

Social Anxiety Disorder

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This is a form of anxiety that arises when there is the need to meet other people in a social situation. It could be school, a party or a more formal function, but suffers feel a wide range of emotions and this is at a time when they should by and large be looking forward to the event or at least prepared for it. The symptoms are pretty much the same as feeling ill and can be an upset stomach, racing heart, extensive sweating and often the feeling that you are not on the same level as other people. We at anxietymedication.info , fully understand the problems that this can bring and have many ways that will help to alleviate the suffering brought about by stress.

Other Anxiety Disorders

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As well as social disorder, there are many other forms including social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and generalised anxiety disorder. The later is diagnosed when it is a wide range of issues that are causing panic and it is not one issue in particular. This tends to last longer than many other types and at anxietymedication.info, it is considered wise to see a doctor.

Symptoms of anxiety

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This is an illness that can go undiagnosed for some time and it is normally recognised when the symptoms become severe and it is having a detrimental effect on the life of the sufferer. If you dint like being watched and are fearful at the thought of people watching you it is likely that you doe suffer from anxiety symptoms. It will not just be the day of the event that is the problem, but panic can set in for weeks beforehand and ruin large chunks of their life at a time. Once it has got so bad that it is beginning to have an effect on the general way they function, then it is time to start looking at treatment and ways to overcome the problem.

Sorting out Anxiety Treatment


Without knowing a great deal about the individual, we at anxietymedication.info, will find it difficult to give an immediate diagnosis, but there are many to choose from. In some cases it will be a matter of psychotherapy, but there will be times when medication is needed. In some cases the patient will be able to decide which path to take, but there will be an occasion when that is not to be recommended. Before any treatment is started it is important to understand fully what is being faced as there could be a physical reason as well as emotional.

Anti Anxiety Medication

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It must be realised that anti anxiety medication is not going to be able to cure any stress, but they will keep the symptoms under control and can make it easier for the sufferer to be around other people. Anti depressants will take a few weeks to work but can make a massive difference and if an SSRI - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors - are prescribed, this will be better as there are fewer side effects. As long as it is not obsessive compulsive disorder that is being suffered from, tricyclics will be ideal as lower doses are given, though they may cause drowsiness and weight gain. If it is something like hyperventilation it can be something as simple as breathing into a brown bag and other breathing exercises, but could need beta blockers if this is an ongoing problem. The symptoms of anxiety are clearly wide and varied meaning the medication has to be.

Manic Depression and How It Is Perceived

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Manic depression or anxiety treatment is also known as bipolar disorder and there is not a lot known about what causes it other than it can be genetic. Mood swings range from total depression to total exhilaration in a short period of time and there will also be spells ofanxiety treatment. When the sufferer is on a high it can be dangerous as there may be feeling of invincibility, but it is when the depression sets in as there will be feelings of worthlessness and it can easily lead to thoughts of suicide.

Widespread Panic Disorder

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One of the worst symptoms here is the lingering panic of a relapse and at anxietymedication.info we understand the issues. Having a panic attack is a horrible experience, but for some people once it has happened, it is over and done with. There are however people who are in a permanent state of panic as when they are not suffering the breathing difficulties of a panic attack, they are worrying about when the next one will happen. Widespread panic can make you feel as if you are dying and there is no way to stop them. Mild ones can be controlled with some herbal remedies, but more serious ones will not be abated by that. Women seem to suffer more and it tends to begin during the teenage years.

Anxiety symptoms and hyperventilation

There are four types of anxiety disorders medication and the fall into the categories of anti depressants, beta blockers, azapirones and tranquilizers. Some will lead the user to become addicted if they are left on them for too long and so it is important to have regular checks to see if it is possible to come off them. Whatever type of anxiety or panic disorder is causing problems in a person’s life, it will be our advice at anxietymedication.info, that it is dealt with as it will not go away on its own.